Meet the makers



Paravent is a surface patterning and textile design studio of hand screen printing, block printing, crochet and embroidery. Kylie was inspired by the idea of a folding screen – or 'paravent' -– for its play on words with screen printing but also for its imagery of layers and folds. . Everything Kylie created is a one-off piece crafted by hand.



Kim Aitken Ceramics


Beauty, functionality and affordability are the three main components in Kim’s ceramics. Kim creates well-executed pieces that bring an empty space to life with the use of an extravagant color pallet.

Kim gains her inspiration from the creative process and uses many different mediums to make her creations such as porcelain, stoneware and earthenware. Kim has put her focus towards using a midfire clay that is used for its strength and functionality.

Kim uses Japanese transfers and original ceramic decals to decorate her ceramics which draw in the attention of the viewer as well as her use of everyday objects that she uses as molds for her pieces. Kim hopes that her ceramics bring colorful aesthetic and a little joy to the homes that they go to.


Mick Corker – Jack Tar’s Locker


Mick was brought up amongst family members who were involved in the Merchant or Royal Navy, consequently he spent a lot of time fishing and learning how to fix boats and nets.

Mick was at home amongst the frantic atmosphere of the fish markets and started selling his bait-fish-octopus to the fish markets. As time passed Mick started knotting and plaiting, although he does not know were his passion came from he does remember seeing a rope mat some time ago that he has never forgotten. He is self taught though he puts his talent down to watching the Italian and Portuguese fishermen growing up. All of his designs are original so you can be sure you are getting a one off made with love item.


Shannon – Rabbit & the Duck

Shannon lives amongst the hills of the northern rivers in Australia. She enjoys tea drinking, baking, and growing her own food and is an advocate of making things by hand. Shannon finds her inspiration in everyday moments and her collection is all about her favorite supplies for packaging, baking, crafts and partying!!


She believes it is possible to pair simple and natural with modern, her items are bound to add that little something extra to your life whether it be wrapping a present for a friend with her selection of washi-tape or adding some color to the kitchen with her baking wares.

Heather Mackay- Farmyard Press


Heather moved to sub tropical Australia with her husband with the intention of building s self-sufficient organic farm. Struggling for many years building fences and chicken houses enabled Heather time for reflection after all the hard work was over, she was able to draw and print images using her surroundings as her inspiration.

Very much herself in nature Heather finds herself working on the back deck instead of her studio to be amongst the elements. Heather uses lino cutting, screen-printing, block printing and drawing as the basis of all of her work.

Heather is a great admirer of art and often visits exhibitions, this inspired her to create her own affordable art, which can be put on the wall or can be worn. She hopes her products will give you the sense of being out in the countryside for the weekend. Imagine, the air is clear and the sky is blue and you have just picked up a chicken for the first time, you will be reminded of the beautiful flowers you saw in the garden or some luscious pieces of fruit you bought at a roadside stall.