Why choose Handmade?

Why we love Hand Made


Right now in our shop we have a beautiful apron, covered in butterflies with a polka dot ruffle and tie. It’s not only practical, it’s fun and gorgeous. The pleasure of the maker is palpable in every stitch. It’s a perfect example of why we love hand made. Bowls with edges that like us, aren’t quite perfectly symmetrical. Fragrant soaps that feel beautiful to the touch, fabrics with patterns that delight and inspire. Simple can be special too.


The small scale production of hand made items is based upon healthy relationships between people and the earth. Makers often strive for ethical,

local and organic ingredients, and use less packaging, they are not distributed all over the world. They develop personal relationships with distributors and customers. This network of relationship enriches life for all involved.


Many people are exhausted by the fast pace and lack of imagination in daily life. Handmade items add an element of joy, the joy of creation. The resurgence of traditional crafts like knitting and weaving, growing food gardens, bread and cheese making all demonstrate our need for connection and creativity. This is a happier and healthier way to live.