Camphor Laurel Uses


How to make a creative use out of a noxious weed?  In Northern New South Wales the rainforests were raided for cedar and hardwood by loggers in the late 1800's.  This forest degradation then was fertile ground for the introduced species from China - Camphor Laurel.

Camphor laurel has the ability to adapt and with it's prolific seed production and rapid growth and with no predators or diseases makes it a weed in certain areas.

Illusive Wood's creator and designer Liam has turned his attention and talent to making something functional from this tree.  By making a range of chopping or food display boards through to these "little tree candles".  Liam is constantly coming up with new designs, including wooden spoons and salad servers.

So now you can purchase a handmade gift that "gives" back to the environment.  Made from sustainable wood supply and benefiting the environment at the same time as a beautiful and functional item.