Let's reward all our teachers this year with a gift that is thoughtful and sustainable

Janelle Barnes

Vivi beeswax moisturiser



We entrust our children's education to hard working dedicated professionals.  Why not choose an end of year thank you gift that is a little different from the coffee mug or the standard box of chocolates?

We dedicate ourselves to sourcing the very best of handmade products from local artists and makers.

At Esther & Cameron we celebrate and support premium quality locally made products. Each piece being ethically and sustainably made by small producers.  We sell quality goods with an honest provenance, that we use in our everyday lives.  Items made to last that will not add to "the throw away" nature of the modern world.

Gift ideas include Apiwraps - Organic cloth waxed to be used instead of plastic wraps, Organic Beeswax Moisturiser, Camphor Laurel food presentation/chopping boards.

Buying online helps take the effort of hunting for something unique and thoughtful.  A big plus for parents trying to keep all balls in the air at that time of year.

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