Bath Tea - Botica Bliss No2 Tranquil Nights

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Bath Tea - Botica Bliss No2 Tranquil Nights

Tranquil nights to promote a restful and peaceful sleep.

Calendula flowers: Key actions- tissue healer, anti-inflammatory.

Lavender flowers: Key actions- relaxing, aromatic, anti-depressant.

Jasmine buds:  Key actions- anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic.

Chamomile flowers: Key actions- relaxing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Bicarbonate soda: Key actions- soothes, detoxify, alkalize your body, soften dry skin.


A mix of 4 beautiful, calming and soothing flowers to help you slow down and settle your mind ready for a peaceful sleep. Lie back in your bath and inhale this aromatic blend, remembering to inhale through the nose and out the mouth.


How to use- Fill the enclosed re-usable organic muslin bag with 5-6 teaspoons of the mix, and pull the string to close bag.

Place the bag into your running bathwater and leave in while you soak up the beautiful aromas. Occasionally squeeze the bag gently to release more of the blended aroma.

You can also use the bag to sponge over your body whilst bathing.

We recommend that you have a glass of drinking water to re-hydrate your body after bathing.

After use- Empty and clean your bag and leave to dry ready for re-use in your next herbal bath. The used tea can be composted after use.

Kit is hand crafted in Australia using quality organic ingredients that have been sourced from around the world.

This pouch contains: Enough blend for 4-5 baths depending on how much you use in each bath.

A re-usable organic muslin bag.

A wooden spoon for easy measuring.

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