Esther & Cameron

Oh Baby !


A new arrival is something to celebrate and the ideal time for gift giving.

But you don't have to sacrifice quality with our beautiful handmade collection of all things baby.

 Each Hamper includes:

Dindi  Baby Balm 100g, organic cocoa butter + pure plant oils.  Soothes and protect sensitive skin. Ideal for nappy area or cracked skin.

Dindi Baby Massage Oil 50ml, gentle massage can be an effective way to communicate with your baby and encourage bonding. Ingredients organic jojoba oil, organic shea oil, organic avocado oil, organic rosehip oil, organic grapeseed oil and natural vitamin e.

(Dindi products are produced by hand in small batches in Australia and are palm oil free, cruelty free and gentle on both the earth and you.)

Taggi - Handmade with soft rich fabrics, with an array of vibrant sensory, engaging tags.  Taggies offer babies and kids a generous assortment of tags, which are designed to be both tactile and visually stimulating.