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Cauliflower and Pancetta Soup

Cauliflower and Pancetta Soup

I am delighted that Cauliflowers are on trend and featuring on menus everywhere.  Cauliflowers are such a beautiful, subtle vegetable and in this recipe deliver a fabulous, rich, thick soup paired perfectly with crunchy pancetta and a smattering of fluffy freshly grated parmesan.  For a change, you could cook up a little of your favourite pasta shape and add these through for a filling meal option.   Cheers!

Preparation      10 minutes  (I cook the pancetta during this time)


Cooking             25 – 30 minutes    plus blending (5 minutes)



Ingredients   - this makes a lot of soup.  Halve the ingredient list if you prefer


1 – 1  ½ large cauliflowers – cut into florets


Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


2 onions – finely chopped


4 cloves garlic – crushed


3 potatoes – scrubbed and diced


3 celery stalks – sliced.  Add shredded soft inner leaves if available


2 litres Chicken Stock  - Salt Reduced


3 bay leaves


½ teaspoon Celery Seeds (optional)



½ cup cream  (less if you prefer)


1 cup (80 gram) grated Parmesan


Some boiling water from the kettle to thin out if needed


4 -6 slices Pancetta – cooked in a separate pan then added later.  Or trimmed bacon if you prefer. Once cooked, cut into small dices.


A little freshly grated nutmeg


Parsley – finely chopped


White pepper – I use a generous pinch


Salt – to your taste





Use a very large deep pot saucepan (you will be blitzing with a stick blender later)



Heat a little olive oil in the pot and add the onion, potato, celery, garlic and cauliflower.


Cook approx. 5 minutes until begin to soften.


Add the Chicken Stock, bay leaves and celery seeds. Bring to boil then allow to simmer approx.  15 minutes until vegetables are tender.


Allow to cool slightly and then use a stick blender to blend until smooth.


If too thick, add Some boiling water from the kettle to thin out if needed


Stir the cream and half the parmesan through the soup


Add the finely chopped parsley and nutmeg


Sprinkle half the chopped pancetta into the soup.  Reserve some to sprinkle on top when serving


Taste and add the pepper and any salt if you want (pancetta is salty as is the remaining parmesan)


Serve garnished with the remaining pancetta and parmesan.


Option:  add a little of your favourite cooked pasta.

                                                           Enjoy!   Colleen